Gurkha Cigars


Gurkha cigars is well known as one of the most premium cigar brands in the world. The brand began its journey in the year 1887 when colonial soldiers started rolling their own cigars from the tobacco they could find locally. This brand of cigars is known throughout the cigar world for releasing limited number of cigars each year with rare tobacco blends and outstanding packaging. Some of the people also call it the Rolls-Royce of cigars.

Over the years, it has released many different blends under various series. It categorizes its cigars into 4 separate categories that are further subdivided into series. The four major categories identified by the brand are core brands, limited edition, East India trading Company and Pedro Martin.

Core Brands

Under its core brands, it has 16 different series of cigars.

The 125th anniversary series of cigars were launched to honor the 125th anniversary of the brand. This blend features tobacco from Nicaragua, Brazil and Dominican Republic. This is a medium bodied cigar and it has a complex taste profile.

The Ghost series is a medium bodied cigar with sweet and earthly flavor. The cellar reserve is made from 15 year old tobacco. It combines Dominican binder with Criollo wrapper. It is medium to full in strength and has a complex flavor profile.

The Royal challenge series of cigars is a mild cigar with complex flavor. It is made from an aged Ecuadorian wrapper and a Honduran binder with Dominican and Nicaraguan fillers.

The grand reserve series of cigars is the bestselling cognac infused cigar in the world. It is made from a five-year-old Connecticut wrapper with three-year-old binder and filler. The packaging is a gorgeous glass tube.

The assertion is a full-bodied cigar that combines Dominican binder with Brazilian wrapper and Peruvian fillers.

The Ninja series of cigars is a medium to full-bodied cigar that is made from Brazilian wrapper and Dominican binder.

Similarly, all the other series of cigars in the core brands have their own unique blends and amazing packaging.

Limited Edition

This is the category of cigars that has made this brand famous in the world. This category contains the HMR series of cigars that are considered the costliest cigars in the world.

HMR stands for His Majesty’s Reserve. It is made from a 15-year-old Connecticut wrapper with 12-year-old Dominican binder and filler. However, this binder and filler has been aged with one bottle of the finest cognac available in the world. This cognac bottle sells for over $2500 a bottle and is not available to everyone. Each year, the brand releases a set number of boxes in exquisite packaging. Each of these cigars is sold at a price of around $1000.

The company is also going to release another series of luxury cigars which will be called the Maharaja. This cigar will use a Maduro wrapper with Dominican filler and binder. This series is going to be extremely limited with only 1000 cigars to be made and each cigar will sell for $500.

The Cellar Reserve Edicion Especial is made from 18-year-old tobacco. This is a medium body cigar that comes in mahogany box. Each year, the makers come up with a rare blend for a new series of cigars.

The ancient guardians in this category is a medium to full strength cigar with complex flavor profile. It is made from Dominican, Ecuadorian and Brazilian tobacco.

The Spec Ops in this category comes in a box of 20 cigars that is waterproof and also carries a custom-made knife. This is a medium body cigar.

East India Trading Company

In this category of cigars, there are five different series namely rogue, the classic cigars, red witch, prize fighter and wicked indie.

The wicked indie is made from everything Nicaraguan. It combines 3 years old filler with selected Nicaraguan binder.

The prize fighter is made from Ecuadorian binder and Dominican filler. It is one of the few cigars that is available in 5 or 8 cigar pack.

Pedro Martin

In this category of cigars, there are three different series namely Ruby, Maduro and The Limited Edition.

The Limited Edition is a full bodied cigar that gives a taste of roasted nuts, milk chocolate and sweet spice. It is available in extremely limited quantity as only 500 boxes of this series were made.

One of the best things about this brand is that it has an almost 3 years waiting list. The waiting list includes royal families, dignitaries, business leaders as well as many A list celebrities. Overall, the company makes only about 20,000 boxes in a year and the employees look for some of the most exotic tobacco all around the world for their cigar blends.

All over the world, the Gurkha Cigars are synonymous with luxury and rare blends that you are unlikely to find anywhere else.

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E-Paradise: The 3-in-1 Vape Pen Review


There are lots of two for one devices on the market, and they usually can burn either wax or dried herbs, like tobacco leaf. However, E-Paradise has come out with an even more versatile solution that is a 3-in-1 vape pen that handles oil, wax, or died herbs.

Some consumers would prefer to buy a separate device for each function because they don’t believe that one device can handle everything. However, a truly flexible device can provide a lot of great advantages. For one thing, there is only one vaping tool to carry around. For another thing, there is only one tool to buy and buy supplies for. A good 3-1 vaping device can be a great choice.

The 3-in-1 Vape Pen By E-Paradise Review

The company calls this vaping device the very latest step in micro-pen tech. As a 3 in 1 device, it can take herbs, wax, or oil. The company says that the device is only small in size, and it is very large in the things that it can do.

The price is in double digits, so considering everything this micro-pen can do, it is considered a good value. The company owns a number of different brands that have a good reputation, and they have been in business in this industry since 2010. That’s a long time in the world of vaping devices.

People who are buying vaping equipment online or at a local shop want to find a brand that stands beside its products. Even the best companies will accidentally release a defective unit or even a defective batch once in awhile, so it’s always comforting to know that a company will replace any defective parts without charge.

Since this business is so competitive, any thriving company would rather keep their customers happy than haggle over a broken tank or stripped connective screw. After all, it’s so easy to post complaints on the Internet and e-cig companies want to do everything they can to maintain their positive reputation with potential customers who may search for user reviews online.

The point of that is to contact the store or company if the product doesn’t seem to function as well as it should. It could be a defect or perhaps some little trick. It’s a lot better to get the problem fixed than to get annoyed and just complain to random people on the Internet.

Note that dry-leaf canisters usually cost more to replace than e-liquid tanks. While a replacement tank might cost less than $10, it is likely that a quality dry canister will cost over $20. That’s another reason that this particular starter kit is a pretty good deal. It would cost a lot more to buy the parts on their own.

It comes equipped with a very powerful USB micro rechargeable battery. Also, don’t be fooled by the size of the battery. Even though it is small, it is 350mah. The battery is charged with an included USB cord, but it is also possible to buy other charging devices like auto chargers and wall adapter cables.

The starter kit for the E-Paradise also has a dab jar, dabber tool, glass globe, dry herb chamber, and liquid tank, so it is all ready to use in any way you prefer as soon as it comes out of the packaging.

Of course, that assumes it comes with a charge, and it might take a couple of hours to charge the battery if it is fully discharged. As a note, e-cig users usually say not to fully discharge batteries and to charge them before they go fully dead. This extends the battery life, and of course, it also makes them more convenient to use.

This particular set comes with the micro battery device, and that means that it can be used with other micro-pen vaping attachments that are produced by this company and many others. Some examples from E-Paradise are the cloud pen, micro G, Elipse pan, and several more.

Is The E-Paradise 3-For-1 A Good Value?

Why should consumers settle for a vaping pen that only can do one job when there are quality flexible options on the market? These multiple-mode pends are becoming more common on the market, and they quality and design are getting good reviews. The good news is that the prices are also dropping, so an affordable micro-pen like this one can provide a great value.

Because of the standard components, this pen is flexible. Because it comes with the right chambers and tanks to handle wax, oil, or dry herb (like tobacco), it is versatile. Because it is small, it is very convenient to hold in the palm or slip in a tiny pocket. Of course, E-Paradise is a reputable brand that consumers are learning to trust and even love.

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It can be very difficult to select the best cigar lighter from all the lighters that are available in the market form different manufactures. Studies show that if a non-smokers is the one buying a lighter, the price and appearance of the cigar lighter will be the determining factors in them choosing a lighter. It is safe to say that, you should not ignore the vital features that will be actually used by the smoker.


This kind of lighter is an extreme performer, and is mostly used by mountain climbers and those people in the high altitude areas. The environment in this kind of places has this air, hence making it hard to light or even smoke a cigar. This lighter is made of a rubber-body that has a windproof flame that can burn comfortably to 12000’ above the sea level.

The XIKAR stratosphere cigar lighter is very easy to fuel and if well maintained can last a lifetime. This lighters are also very affordable and can be used anywhere regardless of the altitudes.


This lighter is for those smokers who like to light their cigars with a big flame. The FX3 comes with some real firepower in its 3 big jet flames. They work magic on the big ring cigars in a way no other lighter can. The FX3 also has a cigar punch cutter that is located at its bottom, this makes it an all-in-all built lighter.
The lighter is housed in a metal casing which means that it is built to last it also has a clear fuel level window that gives an indication of what is yet to burn. Some of the reviews done say that it also fits in the hand perfectly.


The zippo lighters have been in use since the early 1930s. It has been used as a vital accessory in both films and American GIs. In 1939, the Zippo Company dedicated all its manufacturing to the US military and it is then that an American icon was born. This lighters have a retro look and their boast of their wind-proof screen.
This lighter uses the Zippo lighter fluid that many user sat alters the taste of their cigar smoke. But there have been an added insert available in the market, the Z-Plus Butane Torch. This ensures you have the classy look and also enjoy the taste of your familiar smoke. This lighters are classic and you may have one.

There are some reviews who have described this as a compact and very nice sturdy flame. The lighter fuels 3 jets that work best if the flame adjustment is done to read full blast. The wedge 42 is also wind resistant as its flame goes at 375mph.

The lotus are known for their design and this is not an exception. The wedge has that devilish awesome looks which are married with high tech engineering works to come up with a lighter that feels lighter when held, but performs just like its bigger cousins. The Wedge torch lighter can also light the big ring cigars.


This is a lighter that comes with a triple flame butane, cigar punch and it is relatively cheap. A true review done says that the Jet Lines Regal is undervalued. The lighter is not the prettiest of them all, but it’s not on the looks but on getting the job done. The trigger is located on the sides and the punch can also be separated from the lighter itself. It also recommended that you don’t separate it and end up losing the cigar punch.
This is one of its kind and if you can be able to maintain it, you are rest assured of a lifetime service by the Jet Lines Regal lighter. It’s an affordable product so you may through away your other lighters and enjoy this one.

For most smokers, a double torch lighter is recommended that is made of a reputable manufacturer. You should also choose a manufacturer that offers a lifetime warranty. Some personal preferences like appearance and price are all up to you as a smoker. You should also choose a cigar that have all features that will ensure you enjoy your smoking experience.

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What is A E-Cigarette?


A E-Cigarette is not a tobacco but a brief title for An Electric Cigarette. With no, a power wire not powers the E-Cigarette but usually with a lithium ion battery that’s rechargeable. Yes, an E-Cigarette does need a charger however, you don’t contain it connected when you are really currently making use of your E-Cigarette.

What is definition for an electronic cigarette or e-cigarette?

whiteWell it is a cylinder-shaped product that will seem like a regular tobacco or it might be made to seem like a cigarette that is real. It might are available in two-pieces or three pieces but usually the items would be the BROUGHT lighting with address that you could possibly get in a few various shades. There’s the charger which might connect right into a cigarette light or charger in an automobile or right into a wall. There’s the heat or atomizer component which might possess an existence that is restricted consume to about 30 days. The tasting fluid that was vaporized is saved within capsule or the mouth-piece. These tubes changed or could be filled.

There’s to what these cigarette alternatives are really lots of dialogue as in various nations. In some instances they are categorized like a cigarette item in the place of a medication gadget that is real. In certain nations this could alter which organization adjusts submission and the purchase of the unit. Some locations while others determine them like a smoking treatment item determine them like a physical gadget. They are occasionally known as a vaporizer that was personal. You’d utilize it to breathe smoking that is vaporized just like a normal cigarette would be inhaled on by you.

To ensure that an individual who really wants to quit-smoking might utilize an electric cigarette in the place of a genuine cigarette anything you decide to contact this product it’s usually formed just like a cigarette. It generally does not include the thousands or even a large number of additional items or chemicals which are in a genuine cigarette however it comes with the capability to permit you to breathe smoking.

There’s some problem when these aren’t controlled they will be offered to others or kids which are not also old to purchase cigarette items over-the-counter. The key reason this really is of problem is the fact that the fluid that’s vaporized could be tasting. You will get candy flavored or vanilla-flavored. You will find actually tasting fluids which are designed to mimic the particular cigarette manufacturer like a camel’s flavor. This fluid may also be mentholated like a mentholated cigarette may be that was real.

E-Cigarette for Risk-Free


E-cigarette for risk-free is great for wellness. Because ecigarette people could possibly get freedom to use. If you should be not unaccustomed of smoking and also you wish to have small harms from smoking you can certainly get safety that is excellent for the wellness. You can certainly get effortlessly using the aid of ecigarette if you like to possess a healthy body for usually and need to possess normal satisfaction of smoking. You have web store where you are able to purchase e-cigarette that is excellent to decrease harms of smoking also to cigarette.

brovenYou will get total satisfaction of smoking and great safety, respectively to transport e-cigarette. It will be truly ideal for everyone who loves to smoking cigarette as well as it will enable you to conserve money. We are able to observe there we have study about this and that within the combined condition over 95% people prefer to smoking. Based on study we are able to observe that individuals that are 40% are normal smoker in combined state.

In the event that you may cigarette ecigarette you’ll have benefits of Elizabeth cigarette. You are able to reduce threat of breathing and melanoma issues.

Smoking issues shootout:

  1. Electronic cigarette is truly great to lessen threat of melanoma and breathing issues. You will get smoking that is excellent and a number of other advantages these is likely to be good for you wellness, respectively. Ecigarette has excellent filtration which decrease its volume of smoking as well as makes real smoking. Ecigarette is just a device for smoking. Within this cigarette you and you will not get smoking and much damage, respectively as individuals get much damage from actual cigarette.
  2. connectElectronic is secure for smoking. You will not get harms and decrement, respectively . Your wellness will be prevented by it from melanoma of smoking cigarettes that is actual. Since it not harms as like actual tobacco cigarette you also can get great breathing. It’s really secure and good smoking to savor smoking. You and you will get a healthy body and enhancement in your wellness, respectively using the aid of e-cigarette smoking.
  3. E cigarette is ineffective within people’s immune protection system. Which means you will not get harms from ecigarette while in the event that you may cigarette actual cigarette then you definitely and you can get several harms and decrement, respectively in sex. Ecigarette won’t impact on sex of individual.

Therefore, today this will depend what you would like to cigarette e-cigarette or actual cigarette. We have provided assessment between e-cigarette and actual cigarette also.